Welcome to my world, the world of imagination.

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Tell me about your vision and get a product you dreamt of.

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Give me your idea and I will turn it into fully responsive and interactive webpage

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I can also help you to promote and sell your product.

iPaint. iCreate. iDraw. iMake. iThink. iDesign. iCode. iDo.

I am young and creative student of web developement. Coming from Poland, studying in Denmark, available Everywhere.

My name is Martyna Gajaszek. I am an aspiring front-end developer with big dreams.
I find it interesting to convert small paper ideas into digital solutions.
I make the design with use of programs from Adobe Package. I always check the trends and targeted market so the design can perfectly fit into my client's needs.
Smoothly and easily - that's the way I code design into fully responsivly website. I just love the composition of HTML5, CSS3 and JS and the possibilities I have while coding in those languages.
I am also familiar with PHP and different JS libraries or frameworks.

But it is not the most important thing in my job. It all goes about communication. I love to work with people, I am into making their dreams come true. It's not only marketing, nor design, neither coding; it's not only video making, not just presenting; it all goes about working together. If you feel like missing something in your life I am the exact person who can make it for you.

Write to me.

Some of my projects


Coded the front-end part for Foopla's frontpage and webshop(not-launched yet).

Jakob Dall

A biographical video about Jakob Dall, the danish photographer.

MiYogi mat

Coded the prototype of webshop for MiYogi - an online shop and brand with Yoga mats.

Don't hesistate. Let's work together.

House Automation

House automation

In this project the user is able to sign up and after that login to the system. In the system the user can see it's own house plan, including all the lights, electronics, heating and water system. The user can turn on and off all of electronics, open and close windows and door. In addition, there is a panel for controling each room. The user can see the temperature in the house and amount of electrocity used(in kv/h).
The project aims to controling house electricity, heating and water system from any place in the world.
I built the project in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with use of Jquery and bootsrap.

Foopla Brochure

Foopla's brochure

This is a simple half-folded brochure for Foopla. The company made testing of the paper and digital prototype. Beta-testers, people who signed up for testing got a little gift from Foopla - a bonus 100dkk for shoping in one of local stores in Copenhagen with use of Foopla app.
The brochure is nicely designed with flat icons and user-friendly colors.
I used Illustrator for making icons and InDesign to put it all together.

Foopla Brochure

Viking Longhouses

This is the part of a project for Køge Museum. Project included video, marketing campaign and the website promoting new exhibition about Viking Longhouses. All of this was a part of a new campaign for Køge Museum.
I coded the website with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with Jquery.